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Unlike many of our competitors, we have been serving Southampton and Portsmouth for over a decade. Safe and Secure Handyman always believe that you get what you pay for. With Safe and Secure Handyman, you can have peace of mind that we will turn up on time, do the job properly and clean up after ourselves. That is why we work so hard every day to ensure that each and every customer is delighted with the Safe and Secure Handyman experience and will want to tell their friends about us.

We have a wide range of services, from little jobs that you don’t want to waste your time doing to more the larger including redecorationscarpentry as well as fixing electrical and plumbing problems. Contact our friendly team with your requirements today.

Our Safe and Secure Handyman Business

Safe and Secure Handyman began in 2010 and has its offices in Hampshire. The company was set up to help the thousands of people situated between Portsmouth and Southampton who were struggling to find a handyman, plumber, electrician or carpenter who would turn up on time, do a good job and clean up after themselves. It takes a lot of work, dedication and discipline on the from our office staff and our handymen to achieve this, but we have a decade of experience under our belt. Our team of handymen, are highly skilled covering area such as Plumbing, electrician handymen and we are always on the lookout for talented tradesmen to join us. While we are based in Portsmouth, we offer our services across Hampshire and our team live all over the Hampshire.

We are a small business with a deep understanding that the delivery of a consistently good customer experience is crucial to our success. While we already offer a wide range of services through our team, we are always interested in broadening our offering into related areas if that’s what our customers want. We value your ideas.

Just remember, when you need something fixing in your home or office, simply call 0800 884 1981 and let the Safe and Secure Handyman take care of you!