Are you revamping your bathroom? Welcome to the Safe and Secure Handyman.

Or perhaps you’re redesigning your kitchen and looking for a handyman to tile the walls. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for walls as they do not absorb stains, however, there are so many tiles to choose from, you will have to spend a lot of time thinking which tiles are ideal for your walls. Request a free quote today by filling out our online form or give our team a call on 0800 884 1981

There are some things to consider when choosing your wall tiles, including the style of the room, tile maintenance, right grout colour and finally, and most importantly, overall planning and budgeting. Planning is the key to all redecoration you might want to undertake, and when it comes to tiles it is to calculate the amount you’ll require for the job and get a little bit more just in case.

It is normal to be nervous with the variety of tiles you can pick from to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen. Redecorating any room gives you an opportunity to show off your personality and add patters or pops of colour. If you chose white tiles you might want to add coloured grout or accent tile for a change. You can pick from ceramic tiles, glass tiles, porcelain and resin tiles and mosaic tiles. Additionally, there are various tile formats and patterns of hexagonal tiles, rectangular tiles,  and more.

In case you want to regrout bathroom tiles or to hang a mirror in the bathroom, our handyman can also give you an extra pair of hands with those jobs. At the Safe and Secure Handyman we offer a variety of jobs you might require if you are redecorating any room in your home or office, including flat pack furniture, assembling kitchen unitshanging doors, installing showers, repairing plug sockets, painting rooms and fitting new locks. Request a free quote today by filling our online form or give our team a call on 0800 884 1981.